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A wide range of options available on pouch bottles

A pouch easy to fill, no vaccum filling needed

LDPE pouches

Wide range of volumes and diameters available

Customizable shape


EASYFOIL pouches

Cylindrical pouch in multilayer aluminum complex providing high barrier against light and oxygen

Wide range of aluminum complex availableLarge choix de complexes disponible

Easyfoil pouches are 100% tested on production lines


A wide range of options available on pumps 

A pump that dispenses any type of viscosity 

Self-sealing actuator

Elastomeric clapper located on the nose of the pump that automatically closes after each dose.

Provides highest level of protection of the formula between two actuations and preventing from contamination, drying and discoloration.


System that allows to dispense liquids in a spray pattern.

Airless canula

A 360° rotating nozzle allowing a precise application of the formula and providing high level of protection: accuracy of dosage and airless protection up to the very end of the canula.