EASYFOIL Line Airless pouch dispensers

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For increased protection of the most sensitive formulas and ingredients.
The Airless solution that fits your need : customizable volume at no cost.


  • Available volumes ¬†: 10ml to 100ml
  • Available output: 0,25ml to 3ml
  • Available diameter: 32mm, 42mm
  • Options : Spray pump, Self-sealing pump
  • Pouch Material: Alufoil
  • Wide range of available raw materials
  • Wide range of printing/decoration options: offset printing, silk-screening, hot stamping

Total barrier against UV and oxygen

Easy to fill

  • Filling by gravity
  • Can be filled on any filling line

Easy to use

  • Can dispense any viscosity
  • Can be used upside down
  • Dose accuracy
  • High restitution rate