Project Pipeline

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Request for samples


Defining the need :

With your sales contact, project lead, the first step is to analyse and understand what are the inputs of your project. Together we analyse your requirements so to suggest the most suitable packaging solution.

Looking for an

off-the-shelf Solution customized colour and/or printing

Looking for a

specific development specific shape or functionnality

First sampling:

Further to sharing input of your project, we can forward samples for primary evaluation. This will help determine if shape, visual aspect and functionning of our packaging can fit your request. At this step, we can provide a first price estimate.

Fine-tuning :

Your formula is ready. Upon request, our internal lab can perform compatibility studies as well as functionnal testing. These tests are performed using all available materials of construction in order to define what will be the best compatible match for your formula.

Validation of requirements:

Together we determine what is the best match for your product : at this stage, we have identified potential materials of construction, volume and dosage do correspond to your required specifications.

Print trial (upon request):

Should you choose to go for a colour-matched component, colour chips can be provided accordingly and be followed by colour trials on the given component(s).
We can help define what will be the most appropriate printing technique.
Based upon your artwork, we provide a printing proof, and, if needed, a first print trial can be ran for validation prior to industrial production.

Quote and follow up:

We will provide a final price offer accordingly with all pre-validated elements.
We submit for approval a Quality Agreement for all future deliveries.
A final meeting can be held should you have any questions at this stage.

A specific development generally undergoes the following four phases  :

Pre-study, which purpose is to:

  • Determine objectives and constraints
  • Design a solution corresponding to both objectives and constraints
  • Define which components will need to be modified or created
  • Check the technical feasability of the solution
  • Work out a first financial estimate (Investment / Unit price)

Technical study, which purpose is to:

  • Study and define, in detail, the specific components as determined in the previous phase
  • Work on detailed drawings of each given component
  • Work on detailed drawings of the final complete solution
  • Provide a financial estimation on tooling and unit price

Functionnal prototyping and sampling for validation:

  • Manufacturing of prototype tools
  • Manufacturing and validation of specific components
  • Fine-tuning of the complete solution
  • Fine-tuning of the unit price (for industrial production)

As a result of this last phase, all the below information will have been provided:


  • Technical drawings
  • Tests reports
  • Functionnal prototypes
  • Qualification report
  • Quality Agreement
  • Quote
  • Leadtime for industrial production

Lastly, during the industrial phase, we will:

  • Manufacture the industrial tools and equipment
  • Validate the final specific components
  • Validate the complete packaging solution
  • Accordingly with defined tools and equipment, finalise pricing.

Upon these elements, we provide a full validation report of the complete and final solution on the industrial tools and equipment, as well as a first industrial order.