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How it works

The Airless pouch dispenser from Lablabo is a complete system made of a soft pouch, delivered inside a rigid bottle, combined with a metering pump.

Everytime the system is primed, a dose is expelled, the pouch collapses. There is no air intake, no venting hole at the bottom of the bottle. Hence, integrity of formula is protected.

Once a dose is expelled, the next one fills the metering chamber and therefore ensures a precise and repeatable dosage.



  • Assets of AIRLESS
  • Assets of the LABLABO Airless pouch technology

Thanks to its design, the Lablabo package can easily adapt to all customers’ requests. It eases the filling process (no special equipment needed) and can dispense any viscosity.

Assets of Airless

  • Anti-oxydant and preservative levels can be reduced
  • Less agressive preservatives can be used.
  • Can be used upwards or downwards (360° use)
  • High restitution level
  • Can dispense even the highest viscosities
  • No propellant needed

Assets of the LABLABO Airless pouch technology

The pouch-bottle

Its role : Protect your formula during the shelf-life

  • Double-wall packaging that prevents loss of weight and evaporation of your most sensitive formulas
  • Patented venting circuit

The pump

Its role: Dispense to the patient an accurate and repeatable dose to ensure treatment compliance

  • No air intake during use
  • Complies with Eur. Pharmacopoeia in terms of materials of construction, and repeatability of dosage

EASY to fill

  • Filling by gravity
  • No special equipment needed
  • Does not require vacuum to fill
  • Snap on system

EASY to use

  • Can dispense any viscosity
  • Works even upside down (360° use – no diptube )
  • Self-priming pump
  • Excellent restitution rate
  • Accuracy and repeatability

EASY to adapt

  • Wide range of raw materials available
  • Wide range of available options
  • Wide range of printing options
  • Adaptable volumes and doses